Why More Men Seek A Natural-Looking Tan At Home

Why More Men Seek A Natural-Looking Tan At Home

The male grooming industry has boomed in recent years. With more men seeking a natural-looking tan at home, here’s why MellowTan can be appealing to more than women.

If you are looking for a tanning solution at affordable prices, then MellowTan could be your one-stop-shop for Melanotan 2 products in the UK. As we have many satisfied customers all over the UK, we pride ourselves in offering a solution to attain an all-body tan that is simple and effective to use.

With products from MellowTan, there is no need to worry about harmful UV rays to achieve a full-body tan. To get the bronzed, sun-kissed look, MellowTan provide a range of products that can be administered at home with less exposure to UV rays.

If you have never heard of MellowTan before, read this article to learn about us, our products, and how we can help you to achieve the tanned look you have longed for.

Who Are MellowTan?

MellowTan is a prestigious and reliable on-line distributor specialising in providing the highest quality Melanotan 2 products directly to consumers within the UK.

As a company, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have a growing customer base who give us many fantastic reviews. We love nothing more than to receive excellent consumer feedback from our happy customers.

At MellowTan we have always had a strong belief in providing quality products to our client base. All our Melanotan 2 is factory-made may be a GMP pharmaceutical laboratory to ISO 9001:2015 standards receiving varied internal control checks at numerous stages of production that makes sure the product that we sell is of the highest purity. Every batch is independently HPLC, COS and MS tested within Great Britain to confirm the highest quality of the product. We also check that amount in every vial before being passed onto those who trust MellowTan enough to make a purchase.

The MellowTan Philosophy

At MellowTan, we wholeheartedly believe the longer-term usage of peptides in relation to providing and maintaining a healthy tan. We feel that Melanotan 2 holds the key to safe bathing and that far more analysis ought to be conducted into Melanotan 2 and different peptides to help consumers achieve a healthy tan at home.

MellowTan & Men

Men’s tanning is fast becoming an increasingly widespread trend in the UK, and more men than ever before seek a darker, natural-looking tan. Top male actors, athletes, and top celebrities appear as tanned in magazines and on social media. This trend is encouraging men to desire this look every day.

With sunbeds, tanning creams, and Melanotan 2 products on the market, no longer is it the case that a male would contemplate tanning as a female-only solution to paler skin.

Salon professionals have mentioned in recent years that a growing proportion of their regular customers are currently men. This has led to many traditional barbershops deciding to purchase sunbeds in order to provide a tanning service alongside their male grooming products and packages. It is clear than men now see tanning, sunbeds, and home tanning products, like MellowTan, as a gateway to achieving a bronzed look.

There is no doubt that men within the UK, who consider home tanning as a lifestyle choice, could find MellowTan’s products as an alternative to sunbeds or applying creams. Here are some reasons as to why males are looking to tanning more in 2020.

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A Tanned Body Is Seen To Be More Appealing

A tanned look can often be perceived as being more appealing and attractive. A tanned appearance can display a healthier look, bring out extra definition in the muscles around the body, and typically increase confidence.

Within the UK in 2019, additional men would resort to indoor tanning to induce that natural, tanned skin tones. Individuals would not only use sunbeds to get a base tan before the summer holidays. Instead, they would use tanning solutions all year round to achieve the tanned look they desired.

Many men feel that tanned skin improves their self-esteem and can even boost their mental health concerning their appearance. MellowTan can help males out there in the UK, and beyond to attain the tanned physique they desire.

Whereas tanning beds can increase the levels of UV exposure, the use of other home tanning solutions, like MellowTan, can be an alternative for men in 2020.

Male Tanning: A Trend for 2020

Targeting and attracting a growing male customer base might be a significant potential revenue for salons and home tanning companies, like MellowTan. It’s well-known that men are much more concerned with their appearance, fashion, and physical aesthetics.

Males are increasingly looking for ways to boost their look and appearance, both professionally and socially. The use of male grooming and aftershaves is on the rise, as are visits to salons to get waxed and have spray tans.

Going into a sunbed or using a product like MellowTan would previously have looked like a step-too-far for the male market. However, in 2020, home tanning kits and products are going to be much more widespread, and MellowTan could be that option men have been waiting for.

MellowTan Is A Male Friendly Product

When it comes to attracting a male customer base, it is clear that they need to feel comfortable purchasing and using the product. For example, most men would never think of entering a pink salon adorned with glitter. At MellowTan, we chose a gender-neutral product appearance so as not to alienate the male market.

Small details matter for men. This is why, at MellowTan, we chose a simple red on white design for our packaging. We wanted men to feel that our Melanotan 2 products were one they would consider for their home tanning needs.

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Why MellowTan For Men In 2020

With such a growing market in male grooming, we feel that our Melanotan 2 products provide the best solution to a male’s all-body tanning needs.

With our straightforward payment methods and speedy delivery, our growing male customer base can have their home tanning kits in no time. It won’t be too long before you can achieve the tanned look you desire.

The MellowTan products are there to help men with the introduction of regular tanning into their busy lifestyles. If you are a male who considers the look of having a tanned physique highly in their lives, look up the MellowTan products today.

At MellowTan, we believe in providing a tanning solution at affordable prices for customers in the UK, Ireland, and further afield. As you can see, we believe only in stocking and selling the highest-quality Melanotan 2 products.


Many customers all over the country have used MellowTan’s products and have reported amazing tanning results from the comfort of their own homes. They have shared how the beautiful, natural-looking tans they achieved were complimented by friends and family who swore they’d been away on a holiday.

Now that you know who MellowTan is, why not use us as your one-stop-shop for Melanotan 2 products in the UK and Ireland. There really is no need to go anywhere else in order to obtain that tan that others will long for. Use MellowTan to achieve your perfect tan today.

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