UV Protection & MellowTan: What You Need To Know

UV Protection & MellowTan: What You Need To Know

In a world where everyone needs to take care with excess levels of UV, consumers are turning to home tanning solutions, like MellowTan. Here’s why.

If you are looking for a tanning solution at affordable prices, then MellowTan could be your one-stop-shop for Melanotan 2 products in the UK. As we have many satisfied customers all over the UK, we pride ourselves in offering a solution to attain an all-body tan that is simple and effective to use.

With products from MellowTan, there is no need to worry about harmful UV rays to achieve a full-body tan. To get the bronzed, sun-kissed look, MellowTan provide a range of products that can be administered at home with less exposure to UV rays.

If you have never heard of MellowTan before, read this article to learn about us, our products, and how we can help you to achieve the tanned look you have longed for.

Who Are MellowTan?

MellowTan is a prestigious and reliable on-line distributor specialising in providing the highest quality Melanotan 2 products directly to consumers within the UK.

As a company, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have a growing customer base who give us many fantastic reviews. We love nothing more than to receive excellent consumer feedback from our happy customers.

At MellowTan we have always had a strong belief in providing quality products to our client base. All our Melanotan 2 is factory-made may be a GMP pharmaceutical laboratory to ISO 9001:2015 standards receiving varied internal control checks at numerous stages of production that makes sure the product that we sell is of the highest purity. Every batch is independently HPLC, COS and MS tested within Great Britain to confirm the highest quality of the product. We also check that amount in every vial before being passed onto those who trust MellowTan enough to make a purchase.

The MellowTan Philosophy

At MellowTan, we wholeheartedly believe the longer-term usage of peptides in relation to providing and maintaining a healthy tan. We feel that Melanotan 2 holds the key to safe bathing and that far more analysis ought to be conducted into Melanotan 2 and different peptides to help consumers achieve a healthy tan at home.

UV Protection: What You Need To Know

MellowTan have provided this guide to inform inexperienced individuals to provide data on SPFs and ultraviolet illumination protection. We will look to explain the typical misconceptions relating to the variations and effectiveness of a particular Sun Protection Factor (SPF). We also look at the claims that organic sunscreens are gentler on your skin than several high street sun lotions.

Organic Sun Protection VS A High Street Sun Cream

It is required by law that all sunscreens that create an SPF claim need to undergo testing to verify that they protect the skin to the levels they claim.

This applies to both high street and organic products on the market. The use of these industry-standard testing procedures ensures that you can expect a constant level of protection from all sun lotion, whether it is organic or from the high street.

The main distinction that is marketed between an organic and high street sun cream is that natural sun care is claimed to be a lot of gentler on your skin. Organic sun cream producers claim that this is because their products don’t contain a number of the harmful ingredients utilised in traditional forms of sun cream.

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Ultraviolet Illumination Filters

Both organic and high-street sun creams are required to give broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection. In contrast to some chemical ultraviolet illumination filters, organic products are made with natural UV filters that can help those who have adverse skin reactions to high street products.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Filter and measures the protection against the ultraviolet illumination rays that cause sunburn. These rays are called UVB rays.

The issue of staying healthy when out in the sun remains even if someone uses a home tanning solution. As your skin doesn’t have a tan from natural means, it is advised that consumers of MellowTan still adhere to protecting their exposed skin when out in the intense sun.

How Are Sun Protection Factors (SPF) calculated?

SPF ratings are a measure to indicate the length of time that someone could keep in direct sunlight without their skin visibly burning once employing a sun lotion. This is compared to the period they might begin to burn while not wearing any form of sun protection.

As an example:

  • A customer with a selected skin tone notices their skin reddening after ten minutes of unprotected sun exposure.
  • The same customer applies a sun lotion with SPF15. They might be able to stay in the same strength of sun for 120 minutes before their skin reddened to the same level.
  • Therefore, applying an SPF30 product could allow the same customer to handle 240 minutes of the same direct sunlight before their skin reddened.

All skin types are different, and the actual times vary depending on the tanning ability of the individual. The strength of the sun will also remain a constant factor in any exposure to UV. This is a variable that all MellowTan customers should bear in mind when using our products before hotter periods within the UK, or before going abroad.

Physical & Chemical Sun Filters

Physical filters work by applying a reflective UV radiation layer to the skin. They can be thought of as a physical barrier lying between a customer’s skin and the harmful ultraviolet light.

With organic filters, all of the products used have to be from a natural source. On the other hand, chemical filters work by going through a chemical change as ultraviolet radiation light hits them.

This reaction causes the ultraviolet rays to be changed into a different form of energy. Usually, the UV rays are turned into heat. As the ultraviolet filter changes, it loses its vital protective properties. This can be why high street sun lotions have to be reapplied regularly to retain their protective properties.

When using MellowTan to build up a natural-looking tan ahead of a sunny beach holiday, it is best to follow usual UV guidelines until a natural base-tan is built up.

Why Not 50+ SPF Creams?

All consumers should bear in mind that the SPF factor of a sun lotion solely registers the amount of protection against UVB radiation. It doesn’t inform the consumer regarding the protection offered against dangerous UVA radiation.

The problem with any sun cream product providing high SPF levels is that they may confuse the consumer. They’ll offer significant protection against UVB radiation. However, it’s unlikely that they’ll offer consistent high levels of much-needed protection against all UVA radiation.

This means that while the skin won’t show visible reddening and burning, the UVA radiation will still be absorbed by the skin. Through more extended periods of sun exposure, this can cause damage to any living skin cells within the underlying layers of the skin.

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In reality, there’s the distinction between SPF15 and SPF50 is very slight. The very fact is that, so long as a sun cream is applied correctly, most sun lotions offer a high level of UV protection. This is the case with both organic and high street brands. It simply isn’t necessary for many consumers to use an higher levels of SPF sun cream.

It is recommended that if a MellowTan customer chooses a sun cream, they use a brand that reacts well to their skin and, more importantly, is applied correctly rather than using a high SPF.

At MellowTan, we believe in providing a tanning solution at affordable prices for customers in the UK, Ireland, and further afield. As you can see, we believe only in stocking and selling the highest-quality Melanotan 2 products.


Many customers all over the country have used MellowTan’s products and have reported amazing tanning results from the comfort of their own homes. They have shared how the beautiful, natural-looking tans they achieved were complimented by friends and family who swore they’d been away on a holiday.

Now that you know who MellowTan is, why not use us as your one-stop-shop for Melanotan 2 products in the UK and Ireland. There really is no need to go anywhere else in order to obtain that tan that others will long for. Use MellowTan to achieve your perfect tan today.

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