Melanotan 2 User FAQ

Melanotan 2 User FAQ

I have some melanotan left over from my last course a few months ago. Is it ok to use?

Once reconstituted the solution should be used within 2 months, this is a guide line and not a rule (more of a best before date and not a use by date). So long as the solution has been stored correctly and has not been exposed to heat or direct sunlight it should be OK to use, but it won’t be as potent.

I get a sick feeling shortly after I dose, is this normal is there any way to stop this?

Nausea is a perfectly normal side effect of malanotan 2 and usually dissipates once the body has become accustom. There are a couple of ways to combat it that are clearly outlined in our tutorial. Basically, you can
A) lower your dose.
B) Use an antihistamine.
C) Dose before bed.

I can’t get all the air bubbles out of the syringe.

There is no need to worry about a small amount of air bubbles in the syringe – it will not harm you.

I get a stinging sensation in when I inject.

Again, this is normal. If it is too much to bare you can change the injection. The bum is a favourite… the image below provides some more.

How long will it take for me to get a tan?

The answer to this question really depends on a couple of factors. Mainly how dark you want to be and your natural skin tone please refer to the Fitzpatrick chart on our tutorial page.

I want to get a tan more quickly is there a way to speed up the process?

Yes, there is. But it gets a little complicated. Basically, you can double our recommended dose till 1MG/20IU. Or to do it correctly take you bodyweight in KGS/100 = 0.MG of melanotan 2 for example a 80Kgs person correct dose is 0.8MG per dose/day. We recommend a dose of 0.5MGs per dose/day…. Which is enough. Think of your body like a sponge it can only absorb so much, more is not better. But be careful you can still burn under UV exposure, everyone need a base tan before prolonged exposure till UV. We recommend the more cautious approach.

Is there any difference between the premixed version and the one you mix yourself?

This is a widely debated argument amongst Melanotan users. The official recommendation is that Melanotan 2 is a delicate protein and once reconstituted (mixed with sterile water) it should be stored properly i.e. away from heat/sunlight and must not be shake. In other words, once mixed it doesn’t travel well. Therefore, is it always best to mix it yourself at home. However, a lot of people purchase the premixed version and still achieve great results, these users would argue that there is little or no difference.

Are the nasal spray and injection methods both the same?

Yes, they are the same solution, but the nasal spray method isn’t as effective as the injection method because the nasal passage only has a 30-50% absorption rate; therefore, it will take 2-3 times as much solution to achieve the same results as the injection method.

Can I use the injection solution in the nasal spray or vice versa?

The nasal spray is mixed with a saline solution which is NOT injectable. It is however safe to use the solution for the injections in the nasal spray.

There is solution in the vial but nothing is coming out, how do i get the rest out?

You have created a vacuum in the vial by withdrawing solution without replacing it with air. Simply inject some air or remove the plunger from the syringe and insert in to the vial. This will even the pressure inside the vial.

Some solution squirts out when I remove the syringe from the vial. How can i stop this?

There is too great a pressure inside the vial extract some air or remove the plunger from the syringe and insert in to the vial. This will even the pressure inside the vial.

Your dosing instructions are different from other suppliers. Why?

Correct dosing is actually calculated by weight, most other suppliers recommend a 0.1MGS (10 doses per vial) which is the correct dose for someone weighing 100KGS. We recommend 0.5MGS (20 doses per vial) which is the correct dose for someone weighing 50KGS…. You will still receive the same great results with less sides and more value for your money. If you think of your body like a sponge, it can only absorb so much.
It would be incorrect to say that the extra is wasted, but it certainly isn’t more effective.