Melanotan 2: What You Need To Know

Melanotan 2: What You Need To Know

If you need an all body tan, Melanotan 2 can be a home tanning solution. This is what you need to know about the MellowTan products before you buy.

If you are looking for a tanning solution at affordable prices, then MellowTan could be your one-stop-shop for Melanotan 2 products in the UK. As we have many satisfied customers all over the UK, we pride ourselves in offering a solution to attain an all-body tan that is simple and effective to use.

If you have never heard of MellowTan before, read this article to learn about us, our products, and how we can help you to achieve the tanned look you have longed for.

Who Are MellowTan?

MellowTan is a prestigious and reliable on-line distributor specialising in providing the highest quality Melanotan 2 products directly to consumers within the UK.

As a company, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have a growing customer base who give us many fantastic reviews. We love nothing more than to receive excellent consumer feedback from our happy customers.

At MellowTan we have always had a strong belief in providing quality products to our client base. All our Melanotan 2 is factory-made may be a GMP pharmaceutical laboratory to ISO 9001:2015 standards receiving varied internal control checks at numerous stages of production that makes sure the product that we sell is of the highest purity. Every batch is independently HPLC, COS and MS tested within Great Britain to confirm the highest quality of the product. We also check that amount in every vial before being passed onto those who trust MellowTan enough to make a purchase.

The MellowTan Philosophy

At MellowTan, we wholeheartedly believe the longer-term usage of peptides in relation to providing and maintaining a healthy tan. We feel that Melanotan 2 holds the key to safe bathing and that far more analysis ought to be conducted into Melanotan 2 and different peptides to help consumers achieve a healthy tan at home.

Melanotan 2: What You Need To Know

The problem many people find with home tanning is that getting a full body tan requires plenty of UV ray exposure. It’s a well-known fact that too many UV rays are bad for the skin and health. This is where the Melanotan 2 peptide comes in and solves all the tanning problems linked to UV exposure.

The Melanotan 2 tanning peptide is a type of peptide that stimulates the production of Melanin in the body. The natural production of Melanin is your body’s natural response to UV damage. Its primary purpose is darkening of the skin to protect it from being damaged.

MellowTan’s Guide To Using Melanotan 2

Using Melanotan is an ongoing tanning therapy that will require an initial starting dosage and further maintenance until the users get to the skin tone that they desire. This can take some time to develop the skin tone you have in mind, but with a little patience and correct dosage, excellent results can be achieved.

MT-2 is sold and transported as 10mg freeze-dried powder in sterile sealed, multi-use vials. It requires mixing with sterile water before it can be used. This is done at home because, after re-mixing, the vial has to be kept in the fridge or will slowly start to degrade and become less effective.

Reconstituting the tanning peptide is a part of the process required for the use of Melanotan 2 and will require a user’s full attention to get proper results.

1 or 2ml sterile water is used, diluting with more water will improve dosing accuracy. MellowTan’s peptide calculator is an ideal tool for anyone just starting out and not sure how to reconstitute or dose the product appropriately.

Please do not fall for a quick fix method of using MT-2 injections as it is recommended to use the directed application method with the Melanotan 2 peptide.

At MellowTan, we have had some positive reports of nasal spray experience. However, it’s not as cost-effective as the peptides can find it more difficult to pass the nasal membrane. Therefore, to achieve the desired skin tone, it will take the user longer to develop an all-body skin tone. When compared to the injection method, where the absorption rate is 100%, oral or nasal administration is less effective.

On the other hand, for those who may have an aversion to needles and the injection method, the nasal and oral use of MT-2 can help to achieve a pleasant, all-body tan.

Administering MellowTan: Injecting:

Actual injection can be delivered into the subcutaneous or intramuscular later of tissue. The specific injection site doesn’t matter. It is recommended to use the injections on an area of the skin that is comfortable to reach.

After injection, the product is absorbed into the bloodstream and spread through the body evenly. Subcutaneous injections are administered by pinching the skin loose from the muscle and raising it so the needle can be inserted in the fat layer of skin.

Administering MellowTan: The Starting Dose:

The first dosage should be relatively small, as little as 0.3mg to gauge the reaction of the user’s body. With an increased dose, the first-time user will feel a warming sensation, may feel flush in the face, and mild nausea.

If these side effects occur, the user’s dosage can be administered before going to bed, so any unpleasant effects take place while the user is asleep. With regular use, these side effects will dissipate, and the product can be taken at any time of the day.

Administering MellowTan: The Loading Dose:

Loading is not absolutely necessary. It is only used to achieve results faster. Loading means taking doses more frequently to build up an initial tan more quickly. This can mean the user will reach a tanning maintenance dose sooner.

The typical loading is achieved by taking 0.5mg dosage once a day until the desired skin tone is reached. A loading dose can slightly vary from person to person, depending on skin type, bodyweight and other factors, but 0.5mg is pretty standard for most

Administering MellowTan: The Maintenance Dose:

The Melanotan 2 maintenance dosages are taken once the desired pigmentation has been reached and requires much fewer frequent injections.

However, this is where too many variables can come into play to give exact instructions. Variables like:

  • Skin type,
  • Bodyweight,
  • Metabolism regulating
  • Speed of skin fade,
  • UV ray exposure, and,
  • Preferred tan level.

All of these tanning variables can make it difficult to give the correct advice on a maintenance dose for each user. MellowTan user will find their own perfect dose. Therefore, an individual’s dosing frequency can be found through trial and error.

To ensure you are somewhat informed on this subject, an example of loading and maintenance dosages which can be used would be as follows:

Loading dosage – 0.5mg a day with tanning session every 3rd day, desired skin tone achieved in 10 days.

Maintenance dosage – 1mg once a week followed by tanning session.

Administering MellowTan: Exposure to UV rays:

MT-2 is not a fully sunless tanning solution. Users will still need to ensure they get some UV ray exposure. This can be achieved from a tanning bed or natural sunlight to build a tan.

Without this exposure, the skin will not become fully tanned. Some people report being able to maintain their tan without sun exposure only by taking MT-2 peptide, but MellowTan recommend some natural UV light.

Mellowtan’s Advice to Avoid Burning:

It is highly essential to understand that the MT-2 peptide itself does not protect skin from burning. A natural tan is needed to help protect your skin to UV.

Until some base tan is developed, users of Melanotan 2 should still take care to cover their skin to protect from excess UV rays. Users should start only with the amount of exposure that the customer’s skin can handle without burning in the sun. It shouldn’t take too long before the MellowTan user can manage longer exposures to stronger sunlight without adverse effects.

At MellowTan, we believe in providing a tanning solution at affordable prices for customers in the UK, Ireland, and further afield. As you can see, we believe only in stocking and selling the highest-quality Melanotan 2 products.

Now that you know who MellowTan is, why not use us as your one-stop-shop for Melanotan 2 products in the UK and Ireland. Use MellowTan to achieve your perfect tan today.

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