Melanotan 2 Nasal Tanning Spray Tutorial

1. Mixing (reconstitution) Of Melanotan

Please make sure that you do this in a clean environment to reduce the risk of contamination. You can add more than 1 vail to each nasal pump. A maximum of 10MGS Melanotan 2 per 1ML of saline solution/sterile water. 

Please do not confuse:
Milligrams (MGS) = solid
Millilitres (MLS) = liquid

*If you have purchased the “premixed” nasal spray skip.

Snap of off the red plastic lid

(A) Snap of off the red plastic lid of your glass vial which contains the Melanotan 2.

Twist the top of the plastic bottle

(B) Twist the top of the plastic bottle which contains 5ML of sterile water or saline solution.

Insert the needle into the plastic bottle

(C) Insert the needle into the plastic bottle and draw back on the plunger, allow the syringe to fill to the maximum 1ML with sterile water/ saline solution.

Add 1 ml saline solutions

(D) Now add the 1ML of the mixing water till the glass vial containing melanotan 2 (the process is called reconstitution/mixing). Insert the syringe through the centre ring of the grey rubber stopper and slowly push down on the plunger. Then remove the syringe and gently and roll the vial between your index finger and thumb. Allowing the powder to dissolve into the sterile water.

transferred reconstituted solution to syringe

(E)  Now transfer the reconstituted solution till the nasal spray bottle using the syringe.

Add saline solutions


Add the rest of the mixing water till the nasal spray bottle (it should fill till the neck). See dosing and frequency for more detail.


Black leak prevention seal

(G) Ensure the black leak prevention seal in in place before reassembling the nasal kit. This additional seal will help prevent any leakage while in storage.

clear plastic cap is employed

(F) Finally, screw the lid back on to the nasal spray bottle ( ensure the clear plastic cap is employed).

Insert the top of the nasal pump into the nostril and press – For maximum results, the solution must sit on the membrane at the top of the nasal cavity. Be careful not to spray too much.

3. Storage.

Store in a cool dark place, away from heat and direct sunlight. 

Once the nasal spray has been reconstituted it is important that you follow these necessary precautions to prevent leakage:

  • Store in an upright position
  • Replace the clear plastic lid 
  • Do NOT take onboard aircraft (due to the pressurised cabin)
  • Do NOT store below 2°C (DO NOT store in an extremely cold fridge as the solution will evaporate

***When replacing the lid hold by the finger grips to prevent accidentally pressing the nozzle***

melanotan 2 nasal spray - mellowtan
Always hold by finger grips while replacing the lid