Melanotan 2 Hyaluron pen Guide

The hyaluron pen is for non-invasive subcutaneous injection. This guide has been written specifically for use with Melanotan 2, other tutorials may differ slightly. We have written this guide with the novice in mind and have tried to keep it as simple as possible. If you have not used the hyaluron pen before, we suggest that you practise first using an orange and water (please discard the ampoule after use).

First your Melanotan 2 needs to be reconstituted with sterile water for injections (it should be a clear water like liquid – if its still a white powder please follow the mixings instructions in step 1 before returning to this page.

hya pen peptide tutorial

1. Remove the hyaluron syringe and needle adaptor from the packaging. Insert the syringe into the convertor and turn clockwise to lock into place.

frog pen tutorial

2. In this tutorial there is no need to calibrate the pens dosing measurement.

pull lever to activate mechanism

3. With the pen in closed position pull the lever down to activate the mechanism.

hyaluron pen needle convertor

4. Insert the converted syringe into your vial of premixed Melanotan 2 and with draw 0.1ML (10iu) from the vial (ensure there is no large air bubbles).

add ampoule to hyaluron pen

5. Remove the needle adaptor from the syringe and screw it into the hyaluron pen.

Areas of the body where to inject Melanotan

6. Select a subcutaneous injection site.

press firmly against skin

7. With the needle adaptor removed, apply the pen firmly to the skin and press the button to release the mechanism.