How To Keep Your Summer Glow All Winter Long

How To Keep Your Summer Glow All Winter Long


Unfortunately, summer is behind us and the cold winter months are closer than we would like to admit. If tanning is your go-to summer activity, surely you crave that full-body glow all year long. For tan-enthusiasts, keeping a bronzed look all year meant spending hours in the tanning bed under harmful UV rays. There is a better way.


Melanotan II helps give the tan that so many of us relentlessly chase after – without the harmful and adverse side effects of baking in the sun. Melanotan II is a tanning peptide that acts as a catalyst to stimulate the body’s melanin production – aka your skin’s natural pigment.


Benefits as a Glance:

  • Minimal UV exposure
  • Skin damage protection
  • Easy, fast & long-lasting tan


How Does it Work?


We all naturally have melanin in our skin; some of us happen to produce more than others. Melanotan II is similar to the naturally occurring hormone in our bodies called the melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which is responsible for increasing the production of skin darkening pigments. What does that mean? Increasing your melanin levels will not only help your skin tan faster and easier, but it also adds biological protection from harmful UV rays.


For a risk-free, full-body, deep glowing tan, Melanotan II can help darken the skin without jeopardizing your delicate skin’s health and integrity.


Maximizing Your Tan:


Melanotan II can be used to enhance your tan from direct sunlight or in a tanning bed. During winter, especially if you live in a cold climate, tanning beds are probably your only option for achieving that all-over bronze skin without streaks, weird smells, and the orange-looking after effect of spray tans, and over the counter self-tanners. Melanotan II peptides help maximize your skin’s reaction to UV exposure, meaning you can spend significantly less time in the tanning bed and still achieve the complexion you desire. It’s no secret that spending too much time basking in the sun’s rays or laying in a tanning bed isn’t good for your skin. It can lead to premature aging, discoloration, wrinkles, and in extreme cases, melanoma. Melanotan II helps reduce the risks of sun-related dangers by allowing users to cut down the amount of time they spend under UV rays. You can forget about painful sunburns and damage beyond repair skin cells. Melanotan II gives your skin the boost of melanin that it needs to achieve your ideal bronzed skin tone in a fraction of the time.


Who Can Use Melanotan II?


Melanotan II works exceptionally well for fair-skinned people who fall into the Fitzpatrick Skin Type 1 & 2 categories. If you’re not familiar with the Fitzpatrick scale, it’s a scientific skin type classification with skin type 1 being the lightest and skin type 6 being the darkest. People who fall into the 1 & 2 categories tend to have more delicate skin that burns, peels, and reacts negatively when exposed to UV rays. This skin type usually has a hard time tanning, and the skin usually freckles instead of forming an all-over tan.


Types of Melanotan II:


Melanotan II users either use a nasal spray or an injection to help achieve the long-lasting tan they desire all winter long. The results from injections tend to last longer than the nasal spray; however, both can help give users that sought-after dark tan so many of us are after. The injections are virtually painless as the syringes are incredibly thin and short.


At Mellow Tan, we only use pharmaceutical grade Melanotan II. Keep in mind that Melanotan II should be used as a regular therapy for optimal results. Even after you achieve your desired skin tone, regular maintenance will be required to keep your skin looking as dark as you want it. However, the results are incredibly long-lasting. You’ll still be able to enjoy your flawless tan for months after stopping treatment, even with no additional UV exposure. To build a well-rounded, even tan that lasts, it’s best to opt for regular Melanotan II maintenance.


Are you ready to get your tan on? Leave people wondering how you maintain a perfect, glowing complexion even in the winter. Mellow Tan is your cold-weather secret weapon for a deep, natural-looking, ideal tan all year round.















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