Do Melanotan 2 Nasal Sprays Work?

Do Melanotan 2 Nasal Sprays Work?

When you think about catching a tan, you probably imagine yourself sitting at the beach, laying in a tanning bed, or maybe applying some fake tanning lotion. While these methods will help you achieve a darker complexion, there may be an easier way. Before you book your next tanning session at your local salon, have you ever heard of tanning with Melanotan 2 nasal sprays?


Melanotan 2 helps stimulate the release of the pigment melanin from the skin, with much less UV exposure. You may have heard of it being injected, but today we’re focusing on nasal sprays that help you reach your desired pigment – regardless of the time of year!


Our Mellow Tan nasal sprays help give you the tanned skin you crave.


How Do They Work?


Nasal tanning sprays are made with Melanotan, the cosmetic peptide that helps give your skin a darker hue. Melanotan stimulates a natural increase in your skin’s melanin production, just like it would if you were tanning in the sun. Keep in mind Melanotan is the compound responsible for increasing your natural melanin production – nasal sprays help boost the production the skin-darkening pigments, or melanin.


Melanotan comes in two forms, Melanotan 1 and 2. Nasal sprays are made with Melanotan 2, where injections are often made with Melanotan 1. Nasal sprays can help give users the look of a perfect, natural-looking tan without having to spend too much time in the sun.

Nasal tanning sprays help give your body a boost of Melanotan, so when you head to a tanning bed or sit out in the sun, you’ll achieve a darker tan, much faster than with traditional tanning methods. Your body should be able to absorb around 40% of the Melanotan in the spray.


Do Melanotan 2 Nasal Sprays Work On Every Skin Type?


Regardless of your natural skin tone, you can get a beautiful, long-lasting tan in just a couple of weeks with the help of Melanotan 2. For those of us who were born without natural, deep skin tones, there is still hope to achieve the perfect all-over tan that lasts, without looking like a lobster! If you have ultra fair skin or red hair, you can still achieve a well-rounded tan with the help of Melanotan 2 sprays, but it may take a bit longer to deliver their desired skin tone when compared to someone with darker hair and slightly darker skin tone.


Melanotan 2 Nasal Sprays help give you the beautiful tanned skin you want in just two to three weeks. The best part? Your tan will last! Even if you discontinue using the spray, you can enjoy an all-over bronzed look for up to four weeks.


Are Melanotan 2 Nasal Tanning Sprays Safe?


We know that Melanotan 2 Nasal Sprays can help enhance your tan and give you a beach-worthy glow all year long. But are they safe? Naturally, if you’re inhaling anything, you want to be sure it’s safe. Just like you would do your research about taking new allergy medicine, one of the biggest concerns with nasal tanning sprays is safety.

In general, Melanotan 2 Nasal sprays are considered to be safe to use. To get the best results and the optimal tan, experts recommend still exposing your body to the sun or artificial sun, like a tanning bed, while using the spray. The beauty of nasal tanning sprays is that they significantly reduce the amount of UV exposure you need to achieve your ideal glow. The sprays help reduce the risks of sunburns and other UV-related damage caused by overexposure.


How to Use Melanotan 2 Nasal Sprays:


Melanotan 2 Nasal Sprays are taken in pretty much the same way your regular allergy or moisturizing nasal sprays are taken. To get the best results, take one dose every day or every other day and spend some time in UV exposure. We recommend catching some natural (or artificial) sun within 8 hours of taking a dose of the spray.


For a full tutorial on how to use our Mellow Tan sprays, check out our user’s guide.

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